16cm Tiny Delf Line - Limited - “Unicorn Centaurs" August 26 ~ September 27

Doll comes with a human upper body, a centaur body and a pair of eyes

  • Head Options: Kai, Gerda, Peter, Gretel, Louis, Alice, Dorothy or Hansel
  • Resin Options: real skin normal, white, brown, tan or light tan resin (human body) and real skin white or tan resin (centaur body)
  • Horn, Mane, Tail and Eyes: pink, orange, gold, mint, blue, black, violet or white
  • Additional Options: lower human body, face-up and/or body-blushing (for upper body, lower body and/or centaur body), wig (8 options), outfit (8 sash colour options), flower chaplet

(Source: eluts.com)